Top Five Festivals in Southeast Ireland

Most people attend festivals because they are incredibly entertaining, plus they enable them to experience a region’s culture. They also provide an excellent opportunity to interact with the locals and establish long-lasting friendships. Should you happen to be in southeast Ireland when a particular festival is being held, don’t think twice about attending it, regardless of whether you are a traveller or resident.

Here are five of the most amazing festivals that take place in southeast Ireland.

Clonmel Junction Festival

If you are a fan of arts, you should harbour no doubts that this is where you belong. Clonmel, Ireland, has been hosting this week-long festival since 2001 and it has been showing massive appreciation and support for arts, fashion, circus, dance, music as well as local cuisine.

The annual festival began with only nine events that were held in five days. Still, it has grown to over 70 events today, enabling it to be ranked as one of the greatest cultural celebrations in the region.

Why would you even want to miss it?

Blackwater Valley Opera Festival

The Blackwater Valley Opera Festival was previously known as the Lismore Music Festival. It is ideal for music lovers and is held every year in Lismore. Jennifer O’Connell collaborated with Dieter Kaegi to start it in 2010, and 2018 saw it being re-launched and renamed the “Blackwater Valley Opera Festival”. It comprises recitals and concerts that are bound to impress anyone passionate about music. If you want to enjoy this festival to the maximum, make sure that you arrive early.

Wexford Strawberry Festival

Enniscorthy, County Wexford hosts this festival every year. Various exciting events take place, including food demonstrations, the Strawberry Queen crowning and sporting as well as music activities. Additionally, strawberries that are grown by farmers in County Wexford are sold during the festival. If you are a visitor to the region, conduct extensive research to know everything you should about the Wexford Strawberry Festival. It will help you prepare adequately, get there on time, and blend in with the locals.

Rockfall Festival

The Rockfall Festival is one that music enthusiasts in Ireland cannot afford to miss. It takes place at different locations in Kilkenny City in October. During this fantastic event, you get to enjoy over seventy unique and exhilarating acts from some of the most talented DJs, bands and solo singers in the area. The genre of music sang at the Rockfall Festival ranges from country and folk to jazz, blues and pop.

Festival of the Sea

The Festival of the Sea is a yearly event which is held in May to promote the culture of the different communities in Southeast Ireland. During the festival, you can also learn a lot about the region’s history. Additionally, people celebrate the available coastal amenities which are mainly in the wildlife, tourism and heritage industry.

Final Thoughts

Feel free to attend different festivals in southeast Ireland, especially if you are passionate about what they offer. Prepare early in advance so that nothing goes wrong when the date of a particular event finally comes.