Top Things to Do in Rosslare Harbour

If you have been thinking about heading to Rosslare Harbour for your next getaway, you are making a fantastic decision. The village, which people also refer to as Ballygeary, has plenty of attractions that you can discover during your time there. Fortunately, there are several restaurants, guest houses, and even shops to ensure that your stay is more comfortable.

Here are three exciting things that you can do whenever you are in Rosslare Harbour.

Visit the Wexford Wildfowl Reserve

The Wexford Wildfowl Reserve is a great location to see in Rosslare Harbor. It is about 38 minutes away from the village. There, you can watch more than 250 species of local and migratory birds and even take some memorable photos. There are also wild animals such as red foxes and badgers on site. Additionally, visitors may spot about five bat species, including Common Pipistrelle, Leisler’s and water bats. Should you happen to go to Wexford Harbour, you will also see a lot of seals on the sandbanks.

Explore the Wells House & Gardens

You will drive for about forty minutes to get to this historical museum from Rosslare Harbor. The Wells House & Garden boasts 450 acres of beautiful woodlands and gardens. There is a playground where you can relax with friends or with other visitors. At the animal farm, you will see a variety of animals before going to the arboretum.

It is easy to find weddings and festivals being held at The Wells House & Gardens. Also, there are retreats and classes for exciting activities such as yoga. Registering for them is a fantastic idea when you want to make the most of your time there.

See Lady’s Island Lake

Use N25 and Churchtown to get this lake if you are in Ballygillane Big; it will take about 11 minutes of your time. The lake doesn’t have salt or freshwater. Instead, its waters are said to be something in between. It is the perfect place to relax while you enjoy picturesque views of the entire location, and you are free to take beautiful photos if you delight in photography.

The lake is near the Wild and Native Seafood Restaurant which serves delicious European, Irish and French dishes, including seafood. The waiting staff are friendly and respectful, ensuring that your experiences at the eatery are lovely. Their rates are also affordable. Other nearby restaurants that you can consider for lunch are Butlers Bar & Lounge, Culleton’s of Kilrane and The Kilrane Inn Pub & Restaurant.

Final Thoughts

There are limitless things to in Rosslare Harbour. Ensure that you prepare adequately when you are visiting the destinations in the region. For instance, if you are going to Lady’s Island Lake, carry a jacket in case you are there till late at night.